Mother's Day Animal Sponsorships

Is There a Mother in Your Life Who Loves Animals?
Honor Her this Mother’s Day by Sponsoring an Animal at
Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America

Home should be a place where you are safe, well cared-for, understood, and accepted for who you are. Countless horses and other farm animals have found this kind of home at Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America.

This Mother’s Day, consider purchasing a sponsorship of one of these animals in honor of a mother (or mothers) in your life and the ways she has made others feel the love of a true home.
About Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America:
HHIA is a low-profit organization devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating horses and other farm animals while also educating people about how to better understand and enjoy their companionship (educational programs include but are not limited to horseback riding lessons and summer school). Many of the animals who come to HHIA have special needs that mean they could not live elsewhere, but at HHIA they receive the diagnosis, care, and understanding that allow them to lead happy, fulfilling lives.


About Your Donation

Your donation will help to pay for
• food, including specialized nutritional supplements,
• veterinary care and medication, and
• rehabilitation including training to help animals overcome fear and understand
how to interact with humans and bodywork for physical problems such as arthritis.

The mother you are honoring with your donation will receive a certificate of sponsorship with the animal’s name, photo and story, and she will be able to keep up with the farm and possibly catch a glimpse of her animal on HHIA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.