Remote Training: Work Under Saddle

With training sessions devoted to both you and your horse, you'll be able to take your riding and horse training skills to the next level. 

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Holistic Horsemanship’s Remote Training Program is an online educational program for people looking to develop or improve their relationship with their horse in order to begin or continue training their horse. It will also help continue to develop the person’s horsemanship and riding skills. The program is a customized guide for horse owners based on their individual needs. Horses are unique individuals and each has their own concerns that require customization in handling. My goal is always to provide horses and their riders with the tools they need to take their partnership to the next level.

How it Works:

This program is “at your own pace” and “pay as you go.” Working with your horse is supposed to be fun and not on a schedule. You and your horse will pick up on some concepts quickly and not on others. That is to be expected, as you are each individuals learning something new and learning to work together. The flexibility this program provides, allows you to work for as many days as you need on a concept before you move on. Once you are either proficient at the session or determined that you are no longer making progress, fill out the progress report and e-mail it to I will review the progress report and respond one of two ways:

  • If you are proficient at the session, I will suggest moving to the next session.
  • If you need additional help, we will talk one-on-one by a method of your choosing: an e-mail, a scheduled 15 minute conference call, or scheduled 15 minutes on instant messenger.

This program is low pressure in that it has no contracted commitment. You can do as many or as few sessions as you choose. However, it is recommended that you complete the sessions in the order I suggest. I will recommend sessions based on your goals and current situation.

Each session includes:

  • PDF file containing concepts and instructions and blank progress report.
  • Video (through YouTube) may also be provided depending on the concept.
  • If needed, 1:1 interaction with the trainer in the form of 1 email, 15 minute conference call or 15 minute instant messenger

Let’s Get Started!

  • Assessment: I’m happy to come and visit you to conduct an initial assessment if you would like a better idea of what your horse needs or if you are having a specific issue that keeps you from even being able to begin working with your horse (such as the horse wanting to attack you). Like the rest of this program, there is no additional obligation above and beyond the assessment.
  • If we don’t do an assessment, email me when you buy your first session. Help me know how to customize your needs by telling me about yourself, your horse and your goals!
  • Your first session (and all future sessions) will be available on our online store: Order a session and we’ll send it to you via e-mail or share it with you through Google Documents.

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