HHIA Green Box

HHIA Green Box

Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America

$ 30.00

Green Box is a triannual, eco-friendly gift box created by HHIA. Each box contains goodies for you, your pet(s), and your home. Boxes include seasonal Hidden Acres Homestead products made from local, natural ingredients as well as HHIA products. The proceeds from Green Box support the HHIA's horse rescue program.

You may purchase each box separately, or register for the year. Products in single boxes are discounted 10%, but products in yearly subscription boxes are discounted 20%. Subscribe for the year and save! 

When you order your Green Box, please specify the type of pets you have (dog, cat, or horse). We will match the products in your box accordingly. All horse boxes will include informational pamphlets to guide you in the care and training of your horse based on HHIA methods.